It’s no doubt that pets are some of the best things that can happen to a human Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who refuse this joy and decide to abandon their pets, usually cats and dogs The upside to it is the fact that there are people who dedicate their lives to help those poor critters that were left homeless in many shelters across the world One such example is the Muncie Animal Care & Services in Indiana, who help people adopt new pets and help find abandoned animals new homes Muncie Animal Care & Services teamed up with the local police to let citizens pay their fines by helping out abandoned kitties Image credits: Muncie Animal Care & Services However, that requires resources and it often boils down to the simple, yet horrible truth that there are more people willing to abandon a ‘problem’ than to solve it As the Muncie shelter was starting to get overrun with cats and kittens, an unexpected ally emerged in the chaos The local police department decided to step in and help by offering the citizens a new alternative to their own troubles

Instead of paying off their parking tickets with money, the police encouraged people to donate to the Muncie Animal Care & Services shelter.

Image credits: Muncie Animal Care & Services Both services took to social media to share this initiative, adding a list of things people can offer instead of paying off their tickets “Cat/kitten food, litter, wet/pate canned food, beds, blankets” are some of the things that are encouraged to be brought in


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